Best motion graphics agencies in Chittagong

Best Motion Graphics Agencies in Chittagong

In the rapidly evolving world of digital media and marketing, motion graphics have become an indispensable tool for conveying complex ideas and engaging audiences. In Bangladesh, a new wave of motion graphics agencies has emerged, ready to compete on both the national and international stages. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top five motion graphics agencies in Bangladesh that are making waves in the industry.


The World of Motion Graphics Design
Motion graphics design is a creative field that brings visual elements to life through animation, typography, and other graphics. Motion graphics designers use their skills to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling of films, websites, advertisements, and various digital platforms. Developing proficiency with motion software like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D is crucial for becoming a motion graphics designer. Building a solid portfolio showcasing your work is essential for attracting job opportunities in this dynamic field. Motion graphics designers can find employment in various industries, including entertainment, advertising, public relations, software publishing, and computer-related industries. Some choose to specialize in specific areas, such as title sequences, kinetic typography, or social media GIFs.


5 Best motion graphics agencies in Bangladesh

Ignite Corp
When it comes to motion video production and explainers, Ignite Corp stands tall as one of Bangladesh’s premier agencies. Ignite Corp specializes in making products and ideas easy to understand. Through their exceptional explainer videos, they have simplified the messaging of countless brands across various industries. What sets Ignite Corp apart is their well-oiled machine of specialized teams, from scripting to design and motion. At Ignite Corp, you can expect a hand-picked team of experts for each project, including talented scriptwriters, storyboard artists, 3D wizards, character designers, and motion graphics experts. With research-driven creative directors and project managers overseeing every project, you can rest assured that your vision will come to life most compellingly.
FAQ. What services does Ignite Corp specialize in? – Ignite Corp excels in motion video production and explainer videos to simplify messaging for brands across industries.


Six Degrees Productions
Six Degrees Productions is another standout name in the world of marketing videos and animations in Bangladesh. They are known for helping businesses promote themselves and tell their stories through videos, animations, and presentations. Six Degrees Productions offers a diverse range of services, including corporate videos, social media content, explainer animations, event presentation design, online video ads, How-To videos, and product demo videos. Their team of experts, including scriptwriters, camera operators, designers, editors, and animators, is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with top-notch quality and creativity.
FAQ. What are Six Degrees Productions known for? – Six Degrees Productions creates marketing videos, animations, corporate content, and more to help businesses tell their stories effectively.


Vidiosa is a leading provider of motion videos that bring brand stories to life. Their commitment to delivering exceptional video content that resonates with audiences and exceeds client expectations sets them apart. Vidiosa’s team of experts possesses the creativity and expertise to turn your vision into reality, whether you’re promoting a product, sharing your brand’s story, or communicating a message. At Vidiosa, they prioritize creativity, collaboration, and innovation in their approach to video production, ensuring that each project leaves a lasting impression.
FAQ. What sets Vidiosa apart in motion video production? – Vidiosa stands out for delivering exceptional video content that resonates with audiences and exceeds client expectations.


Notionhive is a full-service digital marketing agency with a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their marketing goals. They have worked with some of the top brands, including Nestle, Telenor, Lafarge, British Council, and Miniso. With over 13 years of experience and a team of over 50 employees, Notionhive specializes in combining strategy, design, and technology to ensure that your brand stands out in a competitive market. Whether it’s branding, digital marketing, or motion graphics, Notionhive has the expertise to create impactful solutions that set you apart from your competitors.
FAQ. Which top brands has Notionhive worked with? – Notionhive has collaborated with Nestle, Telenor, Lafarge, British Council, and Miniso, among other prominent brands.


Firefly Motion Pictures
With over ten years of experience in film and television media, Firefly Motion Pictures is a trusted name in Bangladesh’s motion graphics and video production industry. They have worked with leading domestic and international advertising agencies, NGOs, marketing firms, local and multinational companies, and international productions. Firefly specializes in a wide range of video production services, including high-gloss films, documentaries, TV commercials, music videos, animation, fashion films, corporate films, documentary photography, and line production services. Their team of talented professionals is known for delivering high production value on time and within budget, making Firefly a go-to choice for many clients.
FAQ. What services does Firefly Motion Pictures offer? – Firefly Motion Pictures provides a wide range of video production services, including films, documentaries, music videos, and more.


The motion graphics industry in Chittagong, Bangladesh, is thriving thanks to these innovative agencies that are pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. Whether you’re a business looking to convey your message effectively or a creative professional seeking inspiration, these agencies have the talent and expertise to make your vision come to life. As technology continues to evolve, we can only expect even more impressive motion graphics work to come from these talented teams in Bangladesh.